Alda Wigle & husband Henry Klingbeil


 About Me


Hi, my name is Alda Wigle and I, along with my husband Henry, live in Ontario, Canada on the shore of Lake Erie. Welcome to my website!

While creating my website I realized that writing a brief summary about me is no small feat. Most people have a niche in life, that element, which makes them who they are. Well, I have several niches that combined make me the person I am today.  I am a consultant, auditor, trainer, public speaker, network marketer and affiliate marketer. Throughout the years I have provided emergency care in my home for children who were made wards of the government, and for children outside the judicial system that were placed in my care by their family members who were concerned for their wellbeing. 


Consultant, Auditor & Trainer

I have been a quality specialist for twenty (20) years. During the past fifteen (15) years I have gained considerable knowledge, experience, competence and expertise as a Management Systems Consultant, Auditor & Trainer working for public and private organizations. I have developed, documented, implemented, audited and provided training for quality control activities, quality assurance programs, and quality, environmental, health, safety and wellness management systems, and their integration. I read, interpret, and ensure conformance with national and international standards, customer specific requirements, and ensure compliance with applicable laws.  This includes the identification of hazardous substances, toxic substances and designated substances; the Globally Harmonized System  of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS), and the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals  (REACH), a directive of Europe. 

I am also a member of teams responsible for writing responses to Request for Tender and Request for Proposal in order for clients to secure public and private contracts.

Industries of expertise include, but are not limited to, the design and development, manufacture, assembly, distribution and warehousing of Consumer Products and Packaged Goods, including Label Brand Merchandising (LBM); Industrial Furniture; Automotive; Rail; Aerospace, Machine, Tool, Die & Mould (MTD&M); Retail; Wholesale; Transportation; Personnel; Education and Health Care.


Public Speaker

 My public speaking engagements are two-fold. Initially, public speaking came about after circumstances in my life, either personal or with individuals close to me, presented an opportunity to give back or "pay it forward".  As a result of these varying circumstances, and upon request, I began speaking at various functions. I served as consultant to several physicians whose patients were diagnosed with eating disorders, in particular anorexia nervosa and/or bulimia. I mentored individuals as they attempted to better understand their dibilitating disorder and overcome it. Over the years I sat at the bedside of many young people who were literally on their death bed; the effect on their family unimaginable by others.  At the same time I conducted lectures, workshops and seminars for university psychological services.  Secondly, my public speaking engagements focus on my business and related activities.


Network & Affiliate Marketer

Network and affiliate marketing are business models. As a Network Marketer I am compensated for the products and services I personally sell, and for the sales that other distributors, also known as my downline, generate. As an Affiliate Marketer I am compensated on the products and services I personally sell for online merchants. Network and Affiliate Marketing provide great opportunitues for individuals to be compensated based on their efforts. My past experiences, along with my organizational and communications skills enhance my career as a network and affiliate marketer. Like other facets of my life this is an incredible journey.